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Wealth Management

With Timeless, financial consulting and wealth management has never been easier. We have a dedicated and skilled team who are ready and waiting to enhance your financial situation. We work with you to identify places of high growth within your assets ranging from stocks and bonds to investments in the market. We provide a full range of financial services, combining our investment education and strategies to deliver our clients the most growth within the portfolios.

Risk Management

No one can see the future, but in the world of wealth management the ability to forecast potential financial risks can save you down the road. With Timeless we work tirelessly to identify and evaluate potential financial risks to minimize their impact within your portfolio.

Tax Planning

Regardless of your financial situation, taxes are always a confusing and stressful time of the year. Luckily Timeless is well versed in tax planning for all financial situations. We will work with you to align your financial goals with efficient tax planning to accomplish a financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible.


One of the biggest steps to creating and implementing a financial plan is to set and prioritize financial goals. Timeless offers a comprehensive team that can provide sound budgeting tactics to make sure you reach those financial goals. Regardless of the size of your portfolio, budgeting is a useful tool to ensure growth and stability moving forward.

Retirement & Estate Planning

You’ve spent your entire life working to make your wealth. For most of that time you have been told how to save that wealth but not where to save that wealth. With Team Timeless you will get a dedicated and experienced team of financial professionals who will skillfully and strategically invest your money to ensure longevity out of your assets for today and the future. Nobody ever wants to think about the possibility of death or disability, however being ready for anything is the best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets.

Timeless understands that you are moving into a financially pivotal time in your life. Our team can analyze the reality of it by examining the resources available to you. Utilizing the Color of Money, Income for Life and the Power of the Annual Reset, Timeless can work alongside you to generate the most out of your portfolio. We offer a comprehensive team to provide quality and personal planning for you and your family. This not only lets you take charge of your finances, but it can save your loved ones and future generations the burden and frustration associated with managing your affairs.

Color of Money

It may seem simple, but the easiest way to figure out where you should allocate your retirement assets is to use a color system. At Timeless, we created a simple way to categorize your assets into Red, Yellow and Green Money. With each color, you get a unique benefit that allows you to easily understand and obtain the retirement you want.

Red– Red assets are risky but their growth opportunity is good. While red does not necessarily mean bad here, there are risks involved and you should be aware of them.  Examples can be: Stocks, Bonds, REITs, Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities.

Yellow– While these assets are safer than red, they still need to be examined cautiously.  There are unique growth opportunities within these assets, but they may not yield as much growth as red. You can invest in these with a little more reassurance than red assets because these are usually professionally managed money, however you should still think twice about your investment.

Green– Green money, if you are following the trend, is the safest type of asset that usually holds guarantees for return.  There are two types of green assets, Light Green and Dark Green. Light consisting of Fixed Indexed Annuities and dark holding your basic: Checking, Savings, CDs, Treasuries, etc. While growth potential is less than both red and yellow, you can also move comfortably through retirement knowing your assets are safe and available to provide the income stream you need in retirement.

Income for Life

As you progress towards retirement you want to make sure you will have a steady stream of income to replace your paycheck. With Timeless and Income For Life, you can have just that. With the rise in popularity of annuities in addition to your income you have the ability to defer your income to any point in the future. With the personal and strategic planning of Timeless’ team you will have the power to turn on an income stream guaranteed for life, regardless of what happens to your account balance.

Power of the Annual Reset

You’ve spent a large portion of your time accumulating wealth and now it’s time to transition that wealth into safe vehicles to preserve it as your approach retirement. With Timeless’ we can work with you using The Power of the Annual Reset protect your retirement account from losses while maintaining and maximizing your lifetime income.


“Words or gratitude will never express how grateful I am for how you assisted my brother in planning for the future. It is because of people like you individuals won’t have to worry about what they'll need to do after they retire.” - Brenda Sapp

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